When a package of drawings hits the table in the wood shop, or a set of parts comes to the floor from our in-house CNC router, our highly skilled woodworkers must determine the best method of construction. This often requires both creative thinking and experience in build sequencing. Whether working in exotic woods like bamboo, teak or tigerwood to create museum quality case work, or dimensional lumber and the various species of plywood and bender board used in more basic construction, efficiency and precision are always at the top of the decision-making process.


After the critical thinking and planning stage are complete, the dust begins to fly and the saws begin to sing! The sound of ripping, planing, sanding and routing fills the shop as the various components of the job begin to take shape.  Next, any variety of joinery might be employed, from tongue and groove and biscuit joining, to brads and screws and glued pressure fitting.  A finished piece might be covered with a veneer of figured maple or cherry, or be sanded to a smooth surface to receive a paint finish. Whatever the case, our wood shop consistently turns out a sturdy, beautifully crafted product that not only serves its role in the job as a whole, but also represents our commitment to superior fabrication.

Once that’s done, we start sweeping up.