Yep. We’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves.

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When the company motto is “Design and fabrication of almost anything…” you kind of need to be prepared for anything. For instance, if a client says they want a giant bowl of clam chowder, they’re going to want to see it “steam.”  If they want a sixteen foot tall waterfall or an enormous bowl of leaping flames…inside a busy convention center, we do our best to try and make it happen. What about a police car… twisted and smoking on a public sidewalk? Or a set of massive spinning snowflakes…or your company mascot winking and waving at satisfied customers as they drive away from your place of business? Talking trains, water features…we do all that.  Because we love a creative challenge and adding that extra something special that really makes your project stand out!

So go ahead. Ask.

We’re listening.