From teeny tiny to, “Wow, that’s big!” In the sculpt shop, the parameters of the things we create can vary wildly from one project to the next.  Depending on factors like scale, the number and complexity of the component parts and the final material a sculpture is to be cast in, we might decide to go “old school” or “new school” or a combination of both.


We start with either an in-house or client-supplied design. Then we create a small scale model, or maquette.  By using this miniature to zero in on the final details and design choices, we’re able to avoid making costly changes to the full-scale piece once it’s begun. The same basic idea is used to streamline the design process when sculpt is called upon to create architectural white models that help in determining how an installation will work within a specific space.

Old school.

People are often surprised to learn that Dillon Works still creates a lot of our sculptures in much the same way that artists did hundreds of years ago.  With a keen eye for detail and a solid working knowledge of anatomy, characterization and an ever-changing spectrum of design aesthetics, it is often just the artist and his tools that find the finished sculpture within the clay or block of foam.

New school.

In other instances we might utilize the latest in modern technologies….things like laser scanning, 3D printing or CNC three-axis routers. These new state- of-the-art tools allow us to render large or small components in a fast, efficient manner that saves us the trouble of building every form from scratch.

From there, any variety of tools and techniques might be used to get to the finished product. Everything from our giant foam lathe and custom fabricated sculpting tools, to hot wire and urethane spray systems.  Whether it be bronze insects or a thirty-foot tall creature from another dimension, the sculpt department is always up to the challenge is creating visually striking works that delight and entertain at any scale.