Our Process

The first step starts with a phone call. On that call with our sales staff, we are educating a potential client to our capabilities, and earning their trust during that conversation.  But it’s actually the second step that is most important: Transition. Obviously, it is the responsibility of Sales to generate revenue, so we can’t have our sales staff managing projects. That’s where our Account Project Managers (APM) come in. At the critical juncture of handing off a project from sales to production, an APM will steward your project to its successful completion.

Our ultimate goal is to earn your trust.

We go to great lengths to insure the transition is clear, and timely, like Goldilocks – not too early, not too late. And that the PM knows as much about the project as sales does, so that the APM can take ownership of the project professionally and efficiently. This process, hopefully, earns your trust.

There are many other tasks the APM is responsible for, that are defined on the following pages, but all of those tasks are secondary as they relate to your trust.

Trust speeds things up, and brings costs down.

This trust continues to be earned for the duration of the project, and, more importantly, after a project is completed. Did you happen to notice the word “Account” in APM? This is because once you trust us, and you build a solid relationship with the APM, and know that we will provide the best bang for your buck, the APM will be the first person you call for your next project!