Ultimately, everybody has a budget…

Critical to the success of any project is a clear understanding of the aesthetic and contractual parameters. At the core of this understanding is defining the management criterion; budget, schedule and scope.

Our projects typically take one of two forms; build to scope projects and design-build projects. Build to scope traditionally means our client has a clear understanding of what they want us to do and we’re either provided with a budget or asked to competitively bid their work.

Design-Build projects frequently involve developing a design to a budget target provided to us. This scenario allows much more flexibility with the design and allows our client to participate in the development of the idea to specifically suit their needs.

In either case, once the design is advanced to the point it can be defined, a detailed budget, tied to a defined scope of work is the heart of the agreement and forms the basis of the contractual relationship. To the degree that we can accurately describe the budget and scope, we can avoid misunderstandings as the project develops.