UNM Children’s Hospital Nurse Stations

Trains, Planes and Automobiles…and a Pirate’s Ship


The Challenge:
For the University of New Mexico Children’s hospital our task was to design and build a fun new decor for six existing nurse stations located throughout the hospital. With a set budget and the construction limitations imposed by the fact that the hospital would be in full operation for the duration of the install, design decisions are made to best utilized fabrication techniques that can be accomplished in house and then easily assembled on the job site.

The Solution:
With themes like hot air ballooning, route 66, a pirate ship and a space station, we used vacuum-formed plastics, wood cut outs, fabric elements and tube steel to achieve an over-all feel that was playful and engaging without being too busy or overtly cartoony. Clean lines, bright colors and a variety of tactile materials kept each theme clear and unique while also maintaining the dedication and professionalism the hospital wanted to project.

Experience counts:
We’ve worked in hospitals before and are well aware that they require a more pragmatic and thoughtful approach in regard to both design and installation. Paint fumes and other harsh smells, as well as noise and excessive dust, are just not an option when there are sick kids right down the hall. With each new job, we’ve devised ways to mitigate those challenges and effectively reduce the over-all installation time and degree of disruption to the hospital we’re working in.


Client:  UNM Children’s Hospital 
Design:  Dillon Works!
Venue:  University of New Mexico Children’s Hospital, Albuquerque, NM