Mega Khimki Icons

Yes, Russia, not Idaho.


The Challenge:
The Educated Cat, Sadko, The Golden Fish, Firebird. These are the names of some of the iconic characters we were tasked with building as large-scale sculptural pieces for IKEA’S Mega Khimki Mall in Moscow, Russia. Manufactured from metal, foam, fiberglass and wood, these iconic figures all had to balance a distinctly folksy sensibility with a modern sense of design. Most importantly, they had to be easily recognizable to any Russian child and serve as cheerful places to meet and congregate while enjoying an afternoon of shopping at the mall.

The Solution:
The ceiling above the skating rink at Mega Khimki mall is a massive space. It was our job to dress it up a bit, give the natural light something to work with and create a sense of style and wonder for the ice skaters below. We designed large, sail-like panels of translucent material that hung from aircraft cable attached to the rafters. The panels are lightweight and reasonably inexpensive to produce, which was important because there were so many of them and we were working hard to adhere to the budget.

Experience Counts:
Whether its understanding the fine points of character design or simply using creative techniques and materials to improve an otherwise underutilized space, our designers are able to work within the parameters of the budget to deliver the biggest bang for your buck…or ruble.

Client: IKEA
Design: Callison with Dillon Works!
Venue: MEGA Khimki Shopping Center, Moscow, Russia