Sony E3 Displays

We’re exhibitionists


The Challenge:
The annual video gaming trade show known as E3 takes place each spring in Los Angeles. Part trade show, part entertainment “event”, this three day spectacle is where companies like Sony and its competitors come to debut their latest games to the marketplace. Of course, trying to outdo each other with the biggest, splashiest booths is all part of the fun.

The Solution:
Our work for Sony on E3 goes back years and represents our time in the trenches as a design and fabrication company.  With only six weeks of lead time, we receive the booth concept and top secret character art for the new games then begin the massive endeavor of creating the various three dimensional and bas relief sculptures, spinning lighting effects and video projections that often characterized a Sony booth. Expanding to a staff of sixty people made up of both full time and freelance fabricators, welders, sculptors and painters, our crew works tirelessly for the duration of the build in order to fill six jam-packed semi-truck trailers bound for L.A.  Need a twenty foot replica of a PSP in a week? Got it.  What about a pterodactyl with a thirty-foot wing span in six days? Done.  E3 is arguably the Mount Everest of trade shows when it comes to over-the-top showmanship.  We’ve been making the climb for years!

Experience Counts:
You learn a lot when your back is against the wall. The E3 deadline does not move.  Changes and revisions often come from our client at the very last second and things sometimes go onto the trucks with the paint barely dry. However, we’ve learned that if you stay calm and plan well, the seemingly impossible becomes possible. Our clients trust in our ability to deliver eye-popping 3D versions of Sony’s celebrated games and characters, even under a tight deadline.  It’s a badge of honor we take great pride in having earned.


Client: Sony PlayStation
Design: Dillon Works! & Mauk Design for Pinnacle Exhibits
Venue: E3, Los Angeles