Seattle Children’s Hospital Outdoor Activity Area

Fun Facility


The Challenge:
The kids receiving treatment at Seattle Children’s Hospital have plenty on their minds already.  Having somewhere to go and just be kids is an important part of setting their minds at ease and letting them know they are safe and in good hands.  Like many of the activity areas we have provided for the health care industry in the past, special considerations needed to be taken in regard to who was going to be using the environment and why.

The Solution:
By placing the emphases on “exploring and discovery” rather than “running and climbing,” we designed and fabricated this cheerful, Northwest-themed activity area for young patients and their siblings who need a little fresh air while visiting the hospital. Featuring a giant tree with a multitude of animals and insects hidden within the folds of its bark as well as a series of soft, mushroom pedestals and a maze of padded cattails, the elements of the activity area are designed to offer a safe “low impact” option for patients and smaller children. This includes allowing plenty of space between the elements for wheel chairs or I.V. stands and a cushioned flooring material in case of any unplanned falls. Tying the whole area together are two friendly dragonflies that zoom overhead among some brightly colored shade canopies suspended from the ceiling.

Experience counts:
For years now, we’ve been working with clients within the health care industry to provide a better, more compassionate environment for children who find themselves in need of medical attention. We feel proud to have been able to contribute our knowledge and experience in this way and believe that this kind of thoughtful approach is both smart and effective. More than that, it’s good medicine.


Client: Seattle Children’s Hospital & Regional Medical Center
Design: Dillon Works!
Venue: Bellevue, WA