Prestonwood Baptist Church Kidz Zone

Hubba! Hubba!


The Challenge:
Having been impressed by the work we did for a children’s ministry at a nearby worship facility, the folks at Prestonwood Baptist Church wanted a play area that was contemporary and sophisticated but also designed for the kids to burn off some steam. They wanted something unique, fun and safe that would make kids impatient to get to church.

The Solution:
Upon entering the new Kidz play area of Prestonwood Baptist Church, the first thing you see is a massive greeting center.  With a span of over thirty-six feet, this massive oval satellite is hard to miss with its glowing panels of color-changing LEDs and a lighting system that gives staff a choice of eight different themed programs to choose from.  Surrounding a lighted column at the center, four large screen video monitors display inspirational quotes and upcoming activities.

Once checked in, parishioners continue toward the play area, where enormous colorful shapes, a sort of kid version of a modern art museum, stand amongst a four story climbing structure, crawl-tubes and slides. A collection of small, illuminated floating disks hang from the ceiling above the colorfully decorated padded floor.

Experience Counts:
A job of this size and level of complexity can be an arduous journey for those unaccustomed to the process. Getting all the parties involved on the same page is part of the challenge. Our clients at Prestonwood were especially nice to work with as they let us guide them while also offering a clear and decisive vision of what they wanted.  In the end, everyone was exceedingly happy with the results of all the effort put forth…especially the kids!


Client: Prestonwood Baptist Church
Design:  Dillon Works!
Venue: Prestonwood Baptist Church, Plano, TX