Pokemon Kiosks

Poké Doké


The Challenge:
These stylish, multipurpose machines feature touch screen monitors, video game consoles and a vending machine that distributes Pokemon merchandise. They needed to support the Pokemon brand while also being practical to install and cost effective to build.

The Solution:
We designed the exterior housing of the machines with a sleek, futuristic look that features specialty lighting, graphics and interchangeable modules that make it possible to add additional product at peak retail periods. With an eye toward increasing brand awareness, these interactive machines were compact and attractive and impossible to miss as you stroll by them at the mall with your little Pokemon devotee’ at your side.

Experience Counts:
We built a full scale mockup of the kiosk before we got too far along with the actual production. Why? Because while designing on computers is the norm these days and an incredible tool in the arsenal, we find that in some cases, allowing time in the budget to resolve tricky design issues in actual 3D space is often the best, most efficient way to gather the information we need in order to move forward.


Client: The Pokemon Company International
Design: Dillon Works! and the Pokemon Company International
Venue: Seattle, WA area malls