New Yaohan Kid’s Cavern Storefront

The Other Great Wall

The Challenge

Much like the famed Las Vegas strip in the United States, the district where the Sands Cotai Central mall is located is known for its spectacular lights and twenty-four hour razzle dazzle. To help draw attention to New Yaohan’s Kid’s Cavern, we constructed this three-hundred-foot long, eleven-foot tall “living wall of light” for the store’s exterior.

The Solution

We’ll grant you, it’s not easy to get noticed in a place like this. We used nearly seventy thousand color-changing LED pucks that are mounted behind massive frosted-glass panels and programmed to produce a series of hypnotically undulating shapes that morph and change over the course of an hour-long loop. Not only does it have the desired effect of drawing customers to the store, it’s actually quite soothing.

Experience Counts

Before we started this job, we’d never built a three-hundred-foot long “living wall of light.” So, how’d we know how to do it? Well, experience. With every new job, with every new challenge we face, we bring to bear virtually millions of hours of this exact kind of problem solving. We don’t just aim to please. We aim to blow your socks off.

300-ft Animated LED Storefront, New Yaohan from Dillon Works on Vimeo.

  • Client : New Yaohan
  • Design : Callison RTKL
  • Venue : Kid's Cavern, the Sands Cotai Central
  • Location : Macau, PR China