NBA Flagship Store

It took a lot of balls to pull this off

The Challenge

The National Basketball Association or NBA, is arguably one of this country’s most recognizable brands. When the owners approached us to help draw attention to their brand-new flagship store in the heart of New York City, we knew we’d have to go big or go home.

The Solution

We created four distinctive sculptural elements for the store out of a wide range of materials. First, a series of fiberglass basketballs mounted to the wall on the first floor allow visitors to place their hands into impressions on the surface that bear the unmistakable handprints of actual NBA players. In another section, we used over sixty actual Spaulding basketballs to create a sculpture that is mounted to the ceiling. And at the very top of the store, sections of rolled steel “H” channel come together to form a 13-foot diameter representation of the “seams” of a giant b-ball. Of course, those pieces are lovely to view if you’re already in the store. But what if you’re several blocks away walking down Fifth Avenue? Don’t worry. We’ve got that covered too.

A giant illuminated basketball net stretches from the first floor to the third and stands an impressive thirty-seven feet tall. Constructed from sections of custom extruded polycarbonate tube and connected with individually fabricated couplers, an RGBW lighting system controls all twelve hundred linear feet of the LED strands housed within. It’s sleek. It’s elegant. It’s a thing of beauty. And most importantly, it’s impossible to miss.

Experience Counts

Believe it not, the hardest part of this job were the sections of the net that came together in between the tubes. Those couplers represent two completely unique angles coming together in a different way for each cross section of the netting. They had to be absolutely accurate, sturdy and translucent. There is no store on earth that sells such a thing. We fabricated each and every one by hand. That’s custom fabrication. That’s what we do.

  • Client : NBA
  • Design : Gensler
  • Venue : NBA Flagship Store
  • Location : New York, NY