Metrocenter Skypark

All Systems Are GO!


The Challenge:
The owners of Metrocenter in Phoenix, AZ wanted to draw more customers down to an underused portion of the mall.

The Solution:
After supplying us with a space-themed children’s book for inspiration, we created a rocket ship out of blue translucent fiberglass that is internally lit and projects stars and moons via a rotating light fixture. The height and placement of the rocket, as well as the lighting feature, serves as a “beacon” that can be seen from further down the mall. The surrounding play area was designed as an educational opportunity, with questions and flip panel interactives that kids might find in a science museum.

Experience Counts:
Weary of spending money on just another hum-drum children’s play area, the folks at Metrocenter came to us for that extra special touch. With their unique vision as our guide, we were able to work with them to customize certain traditional elements as well as create a few new ones entirely from scratch. Plus, we made it “kid proof.” Well, in as much as that’s humanly possible.

Client: Westcor
Design: Dillon Works
Venue: Metrocenter, Phoenix, AZ