Macy’s Retail Interiors

Cast from the past


The Challenge:
Our relationship with Macy’s retail goes back many years. They have come to us for unique architectural solutions involving permanent display pieces and fixtures for several store locations around the country.  Our challenge is to provide elegant yet durable display elements that are both cost effective to create and able to hold up to close contact with the public.

The Solution:
The “Spirit of Northwest Industry” panels, by renowned sculptor Dudley Pratt, were first created to adorn a bank building in Seattle in the 1930’s.  Using images of the originals from the Museum of History and Industry, we recreated the panels in a larger scale and made them out of a heavy-duty fiberglass and bronze powder infused resin that could be buffed to a polished finished.  This approach significantly reduced the weight and cost of real bronze while also eliminating the need for additional structural engineering of the support wall to which the panels were attached.  In the case of the “Goddess of Victory” sculpture for the jewelry department at Macy’s San Francisco, we hand carved urethane foam over a steel armature and coated it with a thin layer of fiberglass and a faux bronze paint finish. The giant watches seen above were actual working replicas made from vacuum-formed plastic, fiberglass, LED lighting and vinyl graphics. They looked exactly like their tiny counterparts on sale in the glass cases below but for one small exception…you could tell the time from fifty yards away!

Experience Counts:
The “Goddess of Victory” in Union Square and the “The Spirit of Northwest Industry” are both wonderful examples of truly American fine art sculpture at the turn of the century.  We’re glad to be able to offer quality representations of the originals that remain elegant and carefully rendered but that are also appropriate for their use and fall within an achievable budgetary range.


Client:    Federated Department Stores
Design:  Dillon Works! based on the original by Robert Aitken  (Dewey Monument)
              Dillon Works! based on original watch design  (Watch Displays)
              Dudley Pratt, Federated & Dillon Works!  (Bronze Panels)
Venue:   Macy*s West, San Francisco, CA
             Macy’s Seattle (formerly Bon Marche)