Hotel 1000

Heavy Metal


The Challenge:
We were told the lobby would already be completed upon installation, including the marble flooring so that the only access to the lobby would be an eight foot by eight foot revolving door. Oh yeah, and just for giggles, you can’t get half inch steel in anything larger than ten foot sheets…which means seams.

The Solution:
We took three pieces of steel, rolled them to a slight curve and welded them together into one twenty foot length. Then we ground down the welds and brought in our skilled painters to “faux finish” the steel so that it looked like one continuous piece of cold, hard steel. So, how’d we get it in there? Sorry, that’s a trade secret.

Experience Counts:
Over the years, Dillon Works has worked with a wide variety of businesses and organizations, from trade shows to zoos, to casinos and hospitals. This diversity of clientele, each of whom comes with their own unique set of parameters and goals, has enabled us to draw from a wide range of technical approaches. In the case of Hotel 1000, using what is essentially a bit of stage craft to solve a real world problem, is just one example of this. Of course, you have to be able to pull it off. That’s where the skill comes in.


Client: First Avenue Properties
Design: Dawson Design
Venue: Hotel 1000, Seattle, WA