First Baptist Church Dallas



The Challenge:
With a design/build project of this scale, the challenge is often one of budget management. Contracted directly with First Baptist Church of Dallas and working with their owner’s rep and church board of directors, our goal was to achieve a cohesive aesthetic throughout the three separate floors while paying close attention to the range of developmental differences of the children who would ultimately be using the facility.

The Solution:
With that in mind, the Kid’s Cove on the first floor features a tropical island feel complete with palm trees, a colorful lighthouse and soft, low-to-the-ground sea creatures for the little ones to explore. The second floor, for slightly older kids just beginning to venture out into the wider world, there is Kid’s Town. With its post office, pet store, barber shop and deluxe play area that features a treehouse seemingly constructed by children, this friendly slice of Americana is a perfect place for kids to run, play and pretend. The third floor, designed especially with the more discerning tastes of the preteen in mind, was created as a Mission Control space port and decked out with a wall-sized world map, pulsating chaser lights and an eight-foot tall internally illuminated kiosk with built in touch screen monitors. The activity area for these older kids is a mashup of famous landmarks from around the world. Slides and climbing structures incorporate replicas of the Eiffel Tower, the Golden Gate Bridge, The Sydney Opera House, Big Ben, and because we remembered, The Alamo.

Experience Counts:
Having worked with wide variety of clientele, from hospitals to retail outlets, to children’s museums, Dillon Works is able to offer an array of fresh design approaches and up-to-date construction know-how that companies who focus solely on a single industry cannot. For the folks at First Baptist Church, who were adamant about not wanting the same old thing, this kind of “cross-pollination” became a major factor in their decision to award us the contract for this state-of-the-art worship facility.


Client: First Baptist Church of Dallas & Anchor Pointe
Design: Dillon Works!
Venue: Children’s Ministry Education Building, First Baptist Church of Dallas, Dallas, TX