Arkansas Children's Hospital


The Challenge

Smooth surfaces and straight lines can be tough when it comes to sculpture. Because it is necessary for the material to be completely malleable, a lot of time and money can be wasted chasing and refining sharp angles and flat planes that get lost or softened in the course of the fabrication process. So how did we create a veritable menagerie of animals, fish and insects in a low polygon-style that are made up of literally thousands of geometrically precise shapes?

The Solution

The answer involves a very sharp engineer who’s good at math, a 3D printer, a computerized CNC router, an intimate understanding of complex mold making techniques, a strong familiarity with polyester resins, expanding ridged foam and plastics. And, of course, it wouldn’t hurt to be really good at actual origami.

Experience Counts

Creating these charming polygon animals, clean, colorful signage and towering steel trees for the Arkansas Children’s Hospital was not unlike other jobs we’ve tackled in the past. However, here at Dillon Works we make it a priority to bring fresh eyes, clever solutions and new ideas to each and every job we do. This ensures that our clients’ particular set of expectations and unique vision are always met.

  • Client : Nabholz Construction
  • Design : Hoffer Waska
  • Venue : Arkansas Children's Hospital
  • Location : Little Rock, AR