Amgen Tradeshow Booth



The Challenge:
“A Journey Inside the Parathyroid Chief Cell”.  Sounds sexy, right? That is the tagline of this multi-award winning trade show booth we created with a longtime design partner. At twenty feet by twenty feet, this sleek, eye-catching booth incorporates video projections, touch screen consoles, a computer controlled light show and musical score. Of course, it’s also easily assembled and transported, interactive, informative and most importantly, unforgettable.

The Solution:
Constructed out of a lightweight aluminum truss system and covered with a durable fabric skin that incorporates LED lights spaced two feet apart and magnetized lettering for easy assemblage, the booth depicts an up close and personal view of the cellular components and how they behave in relation to the Client’s groundbreaking new medical therapy. The cell and calcium receptors, parathyroid hormone, and PTH vesicles are made with a combination of translucent fiberglass, vacuum-formed plastic and LED lighting strands. The interior is clad in a reflective mirrored material that bounces colorful forms around the walls of the space and creates an “infinity” effect to the display.

Experience Counts:
As with any longtime creative relationship, the “short hand” we enjoy with our design partners is one of the great joys of our business. Another is the kind of eye-popping, innovative and visually arresting display pieces we get to make together for clients like Amgen.


Client:  Amgen, Inc.
Design:  Mauk Design
Venue:  Tradeshows Nationwide