Hugo Boss

Who’s the Boss?


The Challenge:
For an upscale clothier like Hugo Boss, it’s important that any in-store display elements reflect the brands sense of style and cool sophistication. For the Saks Fifth Avenue store in New York City, we were asked to design and fabricate a “responsive” video column featuring a nature theme.  For the SoHo location, a stylized wall sculpture representing an aerial map of lower Manhattan would run the length of the retail space. Both needed to be sleek and polished and match the professional atmosphere for which the brand is known.

The Solution:
In an elegant and artful use of interactive video, the column for Hugo Boss’s Saks Fifth Avenue location utilizes a series of monitors that display images of leaves hanging gently from branches. When a customer walks past the column, a motion sensor trips and the pastoral stillness seamlessly switches to a new video of the leaves being blown about, as though the customers passing had rustled the leaves. The aerial map at the SoHo store, all sixty feet of it, was created using CAD software that fit the map to the wall measurements and determined the best places to add the seams. Three quarter inch medium density fiberboard (MDF), a popular wood product that is both durable and easy to sand, was used to create the three-dimensional topography of the buildings. A carbon grey latex paint finish was used to allow for easy touch ups made necessary by normal wear and tear.

Experience Counts:
When helping a client zero in on a concept we find that a lot of time and energy can be saved by knowing which questions to ask. Often, it’s clearer at the outset what they don’t want and that’s just fine. Because of the diverse range of industries we have worked with over the years, we’re able to offer a range of options, be they technical or thematic in nature, that help clients efficiently identify the design aesthetic that best suits their needs.


Client:  HUGO BOSS Retail, Inc.
Design:  HUGO BOSS Retail, Inc.
Venue:  HUGO BOSS, New York, NY