SCH Bellevue Clinic Radiology

Soothing Surroundings


The Challenge:
Bridging the themes already established in the MRI and Fluoroscopy rooms seemed a natural progression. As always, doing this kind of work in a functioning medical environment imposes a few limitations in regard to dust and paint particles.

The Solution:
After the application of a nice “midnight blue” wall covering, we used a combination of vinyl graphics, iridescent Mylar and custom-printed Luma Sheet to make the walls come alive. For that little extra “pop”, we included a few laser-cut branches and leaves that give the wall a more tactile, three-dimensional feel.

Experience counts:
Having already established a “clean” methodology for the MRI and Fluoroscopy rooms, installing the elements for the hallways were a fairly smooth operation. But it didn’t have to be that way. It takes experience to learn where vinyl graphics need to be used in place of paint finishes and which glues and adhesives are safe to use in different working environments. Hospitals are especially challenging in this regard because of what’s at stake.  It’s not a job for amateurs.


Client: Seattle Children’s Hospital & Regional Medical Center
Design: Dillon Works, Illustration by
Venue: Bellevue, WA