Due to the wide variety of materials we use, like steel, plastic, urethane, polycarbonate, acrylic and sometimes even wood, (just to name a few) our paint shop personnel need to have a deep understanding of the complex chemistry involved in getting the paint to stick…and stay stuck! We engage in near constant research and development and work with materials experts within the industry to always ensure a safe, vibrant and durable paint finish. This involves taking the environmental factors that the paint might be exposed to into careful consideration. Will there be extreme heat or cold? Will the paint be under water or near live animals? 



In designing a paint finish, our painters chose a medium. Should it be latex or acrylic? Polyester or urethane? They then work closely with the client representative to produce a series of samples that will determine everything from color intensity and fade, to texture and contrast as well as which techniques might be employed, be it airbrushing and washes, or hand lettering and pin striping. 

But that’s not all!  Because a paint finish might also incorporate things that are not, in fact paint. Like vinyl graphics or fabric dying and aging, or even glitter.  (Don’t forget the glitter!)

Once signed off on by the client, our painters can be counted on to scrutinize every glossy surface and take great care to make sure  the faux bark or rocks look utterly convincing, even in natural daylight. Ultimately, theirs is the final stop in making our work shine.

Unless, of course, it’s a matte finish. Then its not supposed to shine.