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Location Mukilteo, WA
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The Sales and Business Development Manager is a Managerial level position in the company and, in conjunction with The President, is responsible for the coordination of sales and business development activities of Dillon Works.  This includes management and oversight of the cultivation of new potential business opportunities for Dillon Works with existing and new clients, and the development of estimates and proposals.  Reports directly to the President.

This position requires:

  • A working knowledge of the design and fabrication process common to this industry
  • A positive, proactive and determined attitude
  • Strong organizational skills
  • The ability to juggle any number of project responsibilities at any given time
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, capable of articulating critical project details to a wide range of recipients
  • Proficient with MS Office


Planning and managing Sales and Business Development strategies, including;

  • Find, initiate and grow relationships that can lead to project opportunities
  • Find, initiate and develop profitable niche business markets.
  • Monitor Project Managers with their existing relationships to leverage for additional project opportunities

Manage all aspects of the Qualifications process

  • Determining best format/presentation approach
  • Coordinate staff resources/input
  • Evaluate competition
  • Find appropriate consultants/teammates
  • Package submittal in most appropriate format

Manage all aspects of the pricing/estimating process

  • Understand client needs
  • Solicit scope questions from staff
  • Through discussions with staff, clarify approach to meet client requirements
  • Communicate assumptions to client, if any
  • Insure appropriate staff/resources involved in pricing
  • Coordinate estimating meetings to insure staff buy-in
  • Facilitate revisions to estimates based on staff suggestions from estimate review

Manage all aspects of the proposal writing and contracting process

  • Clarify Scope of Work to insure it meets all expectations
  • Facilitate/manage initial opportunity project schedules in coordination with production
  • Facilitate/negotiate project inclusions/exclusions/assumptions to meet all expectations
  • Coordinate proposal writing with S&M Coordinator and draft proposal reviews with appropriate staff
  • Facilitate revisions to proposals based on suggestions from staff reviews

Facilitate and/or manage the contract negotiation process

Ensure clean transition from sales to project management

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