About us

Our History

Dillon Works was founded in 1987 by artist and designer Mike Dillon whose creative background spans over three decades, including five years at Disney as an Imagineer. Besides film and television, Mike has also worked in advertising for Nordstrom, and designed and built mechanical window displays for major department stores in New York City.

Initially, Dillon Works produced props, sets and soft goods for use in commercials, photo shoots and movies. The company quickly earned a reputation for producing high-quality work with unsurpassed attention to detail and as business grew, we were asked to collaborate on larger, more complex projects.

Time flies…

Nearly 30 years and three production facilities later, Dillon Works houses six specialty shops, an in-house design team and project managers in our own custom-built 3.9 million square inch fabrication facility just north of Seattle. Employing a staff of up to sixty during peak periods, Dillon Works’ capabilities have evolved, supporting collaboration in larger, turnkey projects around the world. You can find our work all over the United States and in Russia, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Portugal, Estonia, International Waters, the UAE, Macau, Shanghai, and even Canada.