Educational | ˌedʒʊˈkeɪʃn̩əl |- intended or serving to educate or enlighten

As any former student can tell you, someone who is engaged and excited about what they are teaching makes all the difference in the world. Learning can be interesting and fun and even inspiring if the subject matter is relayed with a sense of passion and creativity. This is our goal whenever we are tasked with creating an interpretive center, zoo exhibit or children’s museum. Of course, the teacher’s perspective is only half the equation.

We feel that by tapping into our own innate love of science and the natural world, we can better understand how fresh young minds absorb new concepts, ideas and information. Since most of the folks at Dillon Works are artist-types, that usually means getting our hands on things. The information that is imparted and the actual “tactile” experience provided are of equal importance to us.  When it comes together just right, it is both the teachers’ passion and the students’ wide-eyed wonder at the world around them that comes across.

When that happens, we know we did our job right.