Budget Alignment

Budget Alignment |ˈbʌdʒət əˈlaɪnmənt| – Finding an alternative with the most cost effective or highest achievable performance under the given constraints

When we talk about creativity here at Dillon Works, we might be referring to the ways in which new ideas and concepts relate to the design aesthetic of a job.  However, we might also be talking about clever ways in which we can spread out the resources available to achieve the most value for our clients’ dollar. While Value Engineering is a common concept in this industry, we prefer to think of it as Budget Alignment, because it’s not about cutting corners. It’s more about having the experience to know where to put the focus, how to streamline a process, and eliminate unnecessary expenditures where we find them. Our designers and project managers all work closely with our clients throughout the design/build process to stay within the parameters of the budget while also delivering a final result that exceeds their expectations.