In the thirty year history of Dillon Works we’ve seen many technological developments within the industry, many of them digital in nature. From design software like AutoCad to table saws that stop in the millisecond your finger gets too close to the blade, there have been any number of truly amazing innovations. Perhaps none have been as dramatic as the ones that have occurred with new tools in lighting and electronics.



With the wide spread introduction of LEDs a whole array of possibilities has opened up.  Easy to wire and requiring less power, these small but incredibly bright lights give considerably more bang for the buck than their incandescent predecessors. In addition to standard DMX controllers and RGB color-mixing effects, there are now several exciting new products on the market that expand our designer’s palette even further. One example of this is a semi-flexible panel material that is covered in thousands of tiny LED lights—easily cut and shaped as needed, this versatile material eliminates hot spots common with halogen and fluorescent lighting while saving  hours and hours of wiring time.  Another is the IMS (Integrated Media Server). This handy device is a state-of-the-art show control systems that can run multiple programs of video, audio, lighting and mechanical effects to a preprogrammed time code.

These new tools serve to complement our creative teams as they set about designing and building the dramatic retail spaces, play areas and show stopping displays that our clients have come to expect. All together now…