Alchemy Bluff Studios

A Diversion of Dillon Works!

Thank you for the opportunity to introduce you to Alchemy Bluff Studios, a “diversion” of Dillon Works! Inc., the design-build company founded over two decades ago by Mike Dillon. Alchemy Bluff evolved as an outlet for Dillon Works’ unique abilities and overabundance of creativity.

Utilizing an eclectic array of materials and techniques allows designs beyond the limits of traditional fabrication methods. As with the art of alchemy, we transform ordinary substances into extraordinary elements. What appears to be a wood branch could be cast resin, or metal might be realistically painted to look like wood, resulting in elements that simply aren’t what they appear to be.

We produce limited editions of one-of-a-kind functional art furniture; each design revealing a sense of humor, something unexpected or just off kilter (not unlike Mike). With our ability to turn virtually anything into virtually anything else, the stylistic and structural combinations are endless.